"Let your body and soul be one - a song sung in togetherness, a dance where body and soul meet and merge."
Osho - The Secret


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Sedona is renowned as a place for retreat, inner comtemplation and healing.

Are you looking for the best Sedona massage experience?

21st century holistic healthcare alternatives

A Soul Reading psychic consultation?

Whether you are facing a particular health issue, needing respite from a hectic schedule, or doing some soul searching, you've come to the right place! Sedona Body & Soul is a healing arts practice in the heart of Sedona, just across the street from Wholefoods.  Primarily offering massage and energy sessions, we also have a working relationship with other professionals experienced in psychic consultations and breath work. 

We can help you put together a package of services that nourishes body and soul. Step inside and let your healing begin.

Use the menu buttons on the left to find out more about any of our services. Booking with us is easy. Simply call 928-282-7614, or email. Full details on the Services and Rates page.

As well as a dedicated local clientele of Sedona and Verde Valley residents, we also cater to Sedona visitors.

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